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DESIGN & ART Overview

Tiange Li (lives and works between Chicago and Madison) is a multimedia artist and designer. After two years of research on contemporary Chinese art history and museology at the Rhode Island School of Design, Tiange is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Tiange’s works question defined 'impropriety' and cultural alienation driven by invisible social-political power. Her works wander between reality and imagination through digital fabrication, video, and typographical-focused art


  • 2022
  • Out of Control
  • Machine-Learning, Style-gan 2

The phrase "out of control" encapsulates a state of uncontrollability, and I employed various methods to illustrate this across three dimensions. While food and stuffed toys typically evoke happiness, I utilized them to underscore the detrimental effects of losing control. Through extreme deformation and distortion showcased in two videos, I emphasized the destructive nature of loss.